Amora Disposable Eyeliner Brushes with Sleeve - Pack of 50 - Precision Liner
Create precise eyeliner looks effortlessly with Amora's Disposable Eyeliner Brushes! This pack of 50 brushes with sleeves will ensure your perfect winged or smudged liner look every time. Get ready to impress with unparalleled accuracy and beautiful eye makeup!
10.00 AED
Amora Disposable Eye Pads - 50 Pairs - Mix Color - Beauty Essentials - Pink
Transform your beauty routine with Amora Disposable Eye Pads! This 50-pair pack adds a luxurious touch with a mix of colors, perfect for home or professional skincare applications. Enjoy comfort and ease while enhancing your beauty with these soft and...
25.00 AED
Delia Bio-Botoks 🌱 Vegan Roll-On Balm - Smoothing & Anti-Wrinkle Eye Area - 96% Natural
Experience the next level of skincare with Delia Bio-Botoks 🌱 Vegan Roll-On Balm. Crafted to perfection, this balm delivers unparalleled smoothing and anti-wrinkle benefits for your delicate eye area. Infused with the power of nature, including electric echinacea extracts, ceramides,...
25.00 AED
Collagenes FDA Instant Under Eye Roll 15 Ml
Collagenes is a product line based on marine collagen that minimizes the aging process and gives skin firmness and hydration. A smoothing and moisturizing treatment that relieves the first signs of aging in the delicate skin under the eyes.
20.00 AED
Delia Dermo System Smoothing & Moisturizing Under Eye Cream 15 ml
Helps smooth and moisturize, It is suitable for daily care, It helps to remove small wrinkles.
15.00 AED
Ekoflorist Refreshing Eye Cream 15 Ml
The EKOflorist line with organic hibiscus extract contains certified, vegan and natural cosmetics. 98.5% of the ingredients are of natural origin. No animal ingredients. A subtle fragrance composition of natural origin. 
20.00 AED
Sold Out
Delia Hyaluron Instant Under Eye Roll On with Lifting Effect 15 ml
Hyaluron roll-on has an excellent anti-wrinkle, tightening, anti-edema, soothing, soothing, accelerating regeneration, increasing skin firmness and tightness, acting in a perfect synergy of the ingredients used, including caffeine and hyaluronic acid. The product works instantly, tensing the skin, it also contains a complex...
20.00 AED
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