Silky Cool Sulfate-Free Gift Pack: Complete Hair Care Regimen for Ultimate Smoothness
Indulge in the ultimate hair care experience with our Silky Cool Sulfate-Free Gift Pack. This comprehensive regimen includes everything you need for hair that's not just smooth but intensely nourished and revitalized. The sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner in this set...
180.00 AED 125.00 AED
Pilot Club Hair Building fiber kit 3- in -1 Kit, Includes Hair building fiber, Spray Applicator Pump & Hair line Optimizer Comb - Black
Pilot Club hair-Building fiber is biologically processed from plant fiber which does not hurt the scalp and does not clog pores which helps to promote hair growth naturally as well. Professional Spray Applicator which can be used more accurately and...
40.00 AED 35.00 AED
Sold Out
Silky Cool Essentials: Premium Hair Care for Men
Silky Cool Men's Hair Essentials. Crafted for man, our premium hair care products offer the perfect balance of style and substance. Refreshing shampoos, nourishing conditioners and revitalizing hair masks. With quality formulations that deliver professional results, allowing you to maintain...
25.00 AED
Brazilian Expert Hair Straightening Protein and Collagen Kit - 3 Steps * 100ml
Transform your hair into a canvas of sleek elegance with the Brazilian Expert Hair Straightening Protein and Collagen Kit. This comprehensive 3-step system, enriched with the goodness of rice and soy-protein extracts, brings you salon-quality straightening results from the comfort...
150.00 AED
Art&Tech Myplex Kit Repair & Shine - Hair Repair System - 2 X 500 ml
Introducing MyPlex, the cutting-edge long-lasting restructuring product that prioritizes the health and well-being of your hair fiber. As a part of our Art & Tech line, MyPlex is a professional-grade solution designed to act deep within the hair, providing comprehensive...
195.00 AED
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Meristema HD Retail Kit Energizing Essence
The Meristema Energizing range is an exclusive detoxifying treatment, with purifying and strengthening properties ideal for preventing hair loss. Enriched with a pleasant mint and eucalyptus scent, it is delicate on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Botanically derived...
200.00 AED
Bbcos STYLISS BOX - Complete Styling Kit with Smoothing Treatment and Protector
Discover the beauty, convenience, and practicality of the Bbcos STYLISS BOX. This complete styling kit combines a smoothing treatment and protector in one package, providing everything you need for an impeccable and long-lasting result. The kit includes professional-grade products designed...
425.00 AED
Bbcos Sun Gold 3 in 1 Set - Hair & Body Serum, Hair Mask, and Shampoo
Experience the ultimate pampering for your hair and body with the BBCos Sun Gold 3 in 1 Set. This luxurious set combines the power of organic ingredients with expert formulation to give you radiant hair and nourished skin. First, indulge...
99.00 AED
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