Amora Octagonal Nail Art Glass Cup - Godet - With Lid
Introducing the Amora Octagonal Nail Art Glass Cup - Godet! The perfect tool for taking your nail art to the next level. This small, glass cup enables professionals to mix and use small amounts of product with ease. Enjoy the...
5.00 AED
Professional Nail Drill Strong 90 - Precise Nail Care Tool
Experience long-lasting, professional nail care from the comfort of your home with the innovative Professional Nail Drill Strong 90. Precise and durable, this tool is perfect for both experienced nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts to achieve salon-level results effortlessly. Take...
300.00 AED
Sold Out
Thuya Kit 3D Art Gel (6 Pcs)
The 3D Art Gel Kit is a pack of 6 colours blue, green, black, red, yellow and white. Combine them as you want and create the most relief designs in 3D creations. Pack of 6 units of 5grs each
300.00 AED
Thuya Pack Pure Pigments Kit (6 Pcs)
Pack of pure pigments for decorations and nail art. The pack contains: Grey, Gold, Violeta, Rosa, Verde y Azul. Format 5gr each
125.00 AED
Sold Out
Thuya Nail Decoration Kit - Spinder Gel
A dense gel that perfectly covers, ideal for geometric shapes and effects, silhouettes and patterns.
225.00 AED
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