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Thuya Neutraliser Cream 15ml (OE)
Repairs the keratin chain which means longer lasting eyelash and eyebrow shape.
60.00 AED
Thuya Eyelashes Complete Lifting Kit (OE)
In this Eyelashes Complete Lifting Kit you’ll find everything you need to perform eyelashes lifting services. It contains: Eyelash Glue 1 ml, Silicone Pads Box 10unds., Permanent Gel 15 ml, Neutralizer Cream 15 ml., Small Comb Brush, 1 Orange Stick.
225.00 AED
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Thuya Eyelashes Permanent Gel 15ml (OE)
Permanent gel to modify the shape of the hair for lifting and permanent eyelash service and eyebrow smoothing
60.00 AED
Thuya Eyelashes Perming Kit
The Permanent Eyelash Kit contains everything you need to do for this service. The Kit contains: Permanent glue 14 ml, Permanent gel 15 ml, Neutralizing liquid 15 ml, Mixed curlers 30 units, 1 comb brush, 1 orange stick.
250.00 AED
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