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Delia Dermo System Bi Phase Make Up Remover for Lip & Eye Area 200 ml
Washes off makeup and removes excess sebum, moisturizes and refreshes and does not sting the eyes. Does not tighten the skin, does not irritate and it is suitable for all skin types; Does not contain : soap, silicones, alcohol; Contains...
20.00 AED
Thuya Eye Make-Up Remover With Curcuma 200 Ml
This special turmeric eye makeup remover, cleans impurities and more resistant makeup remains very gently to maintain the health of your eyebrows and lashes.
60.00 AED
Thuya Eye Make-Up Remover Bi-Phase 200 Ml
Bi-phase eye makeup remover specific for waterproof makeup.
60.00 AED
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