Sorali Cosmetic Therapy Liss No Frizz Hair Treatment
Introducing the Sorali Cosmetic Therapy Liss No Frizz Hair Treatment in a generous 1-liter size. This exceptional formula is your ticket to smooth, frizz-free, and beautifully manageable hair. 🌟 Achieve Silky Smoothness: Our Liss No Frizz Hair Treatment is expertly...
550.00 AED
Brazilian Expert Home Care Serum 60ml - Intense Hair Oil for Radiant Shine and Frizz Control
Elevate your hair care routine to a new level of brilliance with the Brazilian Expert Home Care Serum 60ml. Crafted as an intense hair oil infused with protein, this serum is your secret to achieving a mesmerizing radiant shine while...
45.00 AED
Brazilian Expert Finalizing Hair Mask 1000ml STEP-3: Prolong Your Perfect Hair
Experience the ultimate transformation for your hair with our Brazilian Expert Finalizing Mask 1000ml, the essential Step 3 of our Hair Keratin Treatment. Enriched with the natural goodness of Rice and Soy-Protein Extracts, this luxurious mask is designed to take...
150.00 AED
Brazilian Expert Straightening Protein & Collagen Hair Cream 1000ml STEP-2: Unlock Ultimate Sleekness
Step into the heart of transformation with Step 2 of our Brazilian Expert Straightening journey. Unleash keratin-powered luxury with our Protein + Collagen Cream, enriched with rice and soy-protein extracts. Nourish your hair while achieving unparalleled sleekness. Elevate your Dubai...
675.00 AED
Brazilian Expert Clarifying Shampoo 1000ml STEP-1 with Rice & Soy-Protein Extracts
Elevate your haircare routine with our Brazilian Expert Clarifying Shampoo Step 1 Pre-Treatment, enriched with rice and soy-protein extracts in a generous 1000ml size. Unveil the secret to salon-worthy hair at home. This deep-cleansing pre-treatment gently removes impurities, excess oil,...
125.00 AED
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