Hair Love Dry Shampoo : Unlock Up to 100% Smoother and Frizz-Free Hair - Bouquet
Discover the secret to lusciously smooth, frizz-free hair with Dry Shampoo. Crafted to address the challenges of frizzy and oily hair, this hair care miracle is your ticket to up to 100% smoother locks. Unveil the beauty of hair that's...
15.00 AED
Thuya Eyebrows Shampoo 50ml For Eyebrows Cleansing
Thuya Eyebrows Shampoo with a vegan formula offers a range of benefits for individuals seeking a cruelty-free and plant-based solution for eyebrow care. This specialized shampoo is designed to enhance the health and appearance of eyebrows through its unique formulation....
35.00 AED
Sold Out
Thuya Kit Brows Lamination Eyebrows Permanent Thuya - Eyebrow Styling Kit - Long lasting ironing or styling with Argan Oil regenerating treatment
Thuya Eyebrow Styling Kit Thanks to the long-term eyebrow styling procedure, you get a perfectly structured eyebrow shape without the effect of blocked hairs. The effect lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. The procedure lasts 20 to 25 minutes. With...
290.00 AED
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